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Industrial Flowmeter L1-11A fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
Features :
fuel dispenser With a mechanical counter, filters, separators.
fuel dispenser Single case, angle-type,rotary vane,positive displacement meters.
fuel dispenser Compact,versatile design can be readily fit into nearly all installations.
fuel dispenser Low pressure drop meter results in low meter slippage and thus superior meter accuracy.
fuel dispenser Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter.
fuel dispenser Choice of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction.
fuel dispenser Superior accuracy and a wide range of products from gasoline to kerosene to fuel oils can be metered.
fuel dispenser Long service life,low friction ball bearings,fixed cam-type timing,and rugged construction be metered.give sustained accuraccy and long time operation.
Technical Parameter:
fuel dispenser Flow rate(L/min): 38-380/75-750
fuel dispenser Measure units: Liter/US Gallon/IMP Gallon
fuel dispenser Repeatability: 0.07%
fuel dispenser Max.Pressure: 150 PSI
fuel dispenser Volume Per Revolution: 0.681L
fuel dispenser Size : 50mm/2"
fuel dispenser Viscosity: 30SSU-1,500,000SSU
fuel dispenser Accuracy : 0.2%
fuel dispenser Dimension: 460*520*320mm
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