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Submersible Pump Prodouct ID: U702-B fuel dispenser
Until today, a large of fuel service stations in domestic use fuel dispenser located on the ground.The driven motor and pump are fixed in dispenser's enclosure. Depending on the negative pressure, the dispenser inject product into the tank of car. The problem is the vaporization of product when the head is over 4.27m. In contrast, the submersible turbine pump put in product directly, it drive product with the positive pressure from tank to dispenser on the ground. The total head can reach 30m without any vaporization, so the product tank can be installed more distance apart from station when design it. In addition, due to the pump is immersed in product, so the product is directly through motor bearings, cooling & lubricating them, whenever pump is operating. The wear is little and temperature rise is lower, with the results that the trouble decrease and service life is longer.The leaking of product and noise of operation are also very small,so the pollution for environment decrease.
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser
fuel dispenser 3 stage turbine pumps are assembled to the spline of rotor shaft. The
stator is potted with epoxy sealing compound. When the motor is
started, then the bearings are lubricated by flowing product. Product
deliver to nozzle of oil gun through check valve and hose.
fuel dispenser The electric control system used 220V power supply is simple, the
product pipe and power pipe in pump set are separated, so the
maintenance is easy.
fuel dispenser There is manual pressure relief valve. It is easy to relieve the pressure in
the piping system during routine maintenance or troubleshooting and get
the product back to storage tank.
This avoid any pollution for envioronment as other pressure relief
fuel dispenser Simple servicing, the pump can be easily removed from the storage tank
by unthreading 3 bolts.
fuel dispenser 100% Factory Tested.
Technique Function:
fuel dispenser Power Supply: Single Phase, 220V, 50Hz
fuel dispenser Motor Power: 1100W (1.5HP)
fuel dispenser Current: 8.1A
fuel dispenser Flow Rate: 260L/Min
fuel dispenser Maximum Head: 30m
fuel dispenser Products: Gasoline, Diesel.
fuel dispenser Automatic Reset Thermal Protector: Trip up Temperature: 95℃,Reset Temperature: 45℃
fuel dispenser Seal Elastomers: Fluorocarbon parts with better strength and fuel-resisting.
fuel dispenser Capacitor: 20uF,500VAC
fuel dispenser Intake Filter Screen: Stainless steel construction filters particles from fuel, Not subject to the weight of pump.
fuel dispenser Diameter of Riser: 114mm(4.5″)
fuel dispenser Thickness of Pipe: 4.8mm(0.188″)
Packing : Carton dimensions: Net weight: Gross weight:
1set/carton 425 x 255 x 230mm 12kg 12.5kg
Explosion-proof approval:
This motor has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval
is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.
Ordering Specifications:
Product ID Product name
U702-B Submersible pump(imported with original packaging from USA)
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