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Magnificent scenery at Yuan Yang terrace
Yuan Yang County of southwest China's Yunnan Province is located to the south of Mt. Ai Lao. The county is renowned for its terrace farming in different parts of the mountain.
The Yuan Yang Terrace inhabits seven ethnic minority groups, namely Hani, Yi, Dai, Miao, Yao and Zhuang, and thus forms a unique and fascinating folk gallery. Through hundreds of thousands of years of hard work, residents have plowed more than 360 million terraces along the mountain.
Compared to climbing Mt. Huang and scenic zone Zhang Jiajie, Yuanyang Terrace is much easier to climb though it is nestled in high mountain ridges. There are six to seven scenic spots like Duo Yishu, Beida, Mengpin, Jin Zhuzhai, and Long Shuba, and each has its own characteristics.
Sunshine reflecting on the terrace is a glorious scene to behold, especially for photographers, and in the late afternoon it's the sunset that stuns visitors to this part. If you stay in Yuan Yang new town for a couple of days, you may encounter a variety of weather conditions – everything from mist, sunshine to rosy clouds, all of which ensure a worthwhile journey.
Best Season: January to April is the best season to come to Yuan Yang Terrace. This is when the terrace is filled with sparkling water and forms a charming picture.
Car Rental: Price for renting a van in March is 250 Yuan– 300 Yuan per day, and renting a pedicab costs 150 Yuan per day.
Local Food: Roast tofu and vermicelli in pottery pots are two of the must-try dishes.
Local Transport: There is only one bus from Kunming's Nanyao bus station directly heading to Yuan Yang new town (departs at about 10:30 am). If you miss it, you can also catch other buses to get there. Routes are: Kunming – Jianshui (3 hours, 55 Yuan), Jianshui – Nansha town (new town, 3 hours, 33 Yuan), Nansha town – Xinjie town (old city, one hour, 10 Yuan). At Jianshui you can tour the old town and Zhu Jia garden.
Source: CRI
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