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Traditional Culture Of China
China Martial Arts
China Martial Arts, known as wushu and kungfu, the "kungfu" was called firstly by the famous action actor Bruce Lee in America. China Martial Arts consist of a number of fighting styles that were developed over the centuries. Those fighting styles can be classified according to common themes that are identified as "families"(jia), "sects" (pai) or "schools" (men) of martial arts. Example of themes are physical exercises that mimic movements from animals or a history and training method that gather inspiration from various Chinese philosophies, myths and legends. Each fighting style offers a different approach to the common problems of self-defense, health, and self-cultivation from a Chinese perspective. Nowadays, more and more foreigners love Chinese Kungfu and come to China to learn Kungfu, while many Chinese Kungfu masters go abroad to teach foreigners.
Confucius (551BC-478BC) is a great thinker. His ideas are deeply rooted in Chinese society. Some compare Confucius' influence in Chinese history with that of Socrates in the west. Confucius'social philosophy largely revolves around the concept of "ren", "compassion" or "love others". In fact, having concern for others means we should restrain our behavior to avoid harmful words or manners.
Fengshui is from the content of following picture. It is about locating and arranging your home so you can live in harmony with your environment. The harmony will allow good 'qi', the energy of life, to float around your home. Everyone who lives there will benefit, It can bring them good fortune and luck.
Source:21st Century.Newspaper
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