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Lantern Festival: A brief overview
The first full moon of every lunar new year falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. This day is also known as the Lantern Festival in China. It marks the official end to the two-week Spring Festival celebration.
As the name "Lantern Festival" suggests, lanterns play a leading role in the celebration. As the first full moon of the new year rises, people come out to enjoy the spectacle of thousands of colorful lanterns, blazing in the night. During Lantern Festival, Chinese families also gather for a huge meal of yuanxiao, the round sticky dumplings with sweet fillings. The round shape is meant to evoke the spirit of family unity and harmony. The word "Yuan" or "Roundness" suggests the attainment of the five kinds of happiness: Long Life, Wealth, Peace, Virtue and Honor.
In some places, local women are encouraged to walk together or along a section of a city's wall to dispel sickness on the day of the Lantern Festival.
As time goes by, there are more activities on Lantern Festival Performances such as a dragon lantern dance (wu long deng), a lion dance (wu shi), a land boat dance (hu hn chuan), a yangge dance (niu yang ge), walking on stilts (cai gao qiao) and beating drums while dancing will be staged.
The Lantern Festival marks the grand finale of the 15-day celebration of the Spring Festival. After the break, it's time for a fresh start, to make peace, to forgive old grievances, and to set the tone for the coming year And this is the role of the lanterns -- to illuminate a clear path, to brighten future endeavors.
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