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Biyun Temple
The Biyun Temple is in northwestern Beijing. The Biyun Nunnery in Fragrant Hills Park was originally built 1331 during the Yuan Dynasty. It was not until the year 1514, in the Ming Dynasty, that the name was changed to Biyun Temple. The temple has been renovated a few times during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The most extensive work was carried out during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in 1748. The enlargement included the Indian styled Diamond Throne pagoda behind the main body of the complex.
The amazing natural beauty which changes from morning to night and from spring to winter has been a big inspiration for poets and artists throughout ages. Today, Biyun Temple is a popular tourist spot among Beijingers seeking a place to cool off during the capital's hot summer.
The two big stone lions standing in front of the main gate were made in Ming Dynasty. They are well-preserved and their delicate carving is easy to see. "Biyun Temple" is written above the main gate in four languages, Chinese, Mongolian, Manchu and Tibetan.Facing the east, Biyun Temple covers a rectangular area of 40-thousand square meters on the gradually sloping hillside. From the temple's main gate at the foot of the hill to the highest point, the temple compound rises almost 100 meters. Inside the first compound are the Bell Tower and Drum Tower while in the center stands the Hall of Devaraja or the Heavenly Kings. The second courtyard contains the main hall of the temple complex. The principal building in the third courtyard is the Hall of Bodhisattvas. The buildings in the fourth courtyard consist of the Rear Hall and its auxiliary halls which serve as the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
Behind this is a stone memorial archway which leads to the Diamond Throne Pagodas. The archway is carved with images of ancient figures who are well-known for justice, honesty and loyalty. As a typical architecture of Ming and Qing dynasties, Biyun Temple also boasts rich culture and history. It has an imperial vigor while retaining the spirit of Buddhism. The Zhuoxi Spring from the cliff adds to the ambience of the ancient temple and offers a place for urbanites to listen to the sound of nature.
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