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The training course of Changchun Oil-gas Branch came into scene
On July 4, the electrical machinery room of shepherd gas station in Changchun Oil-gas Branch was extremely busy. It was the training classes which were brought in the equipment scene by the branch in order to guarantee that the filters would make the progress.
To improve employee’s motivation and increase field effects of scene training, the branch changed the past spoon-fed training mode of’ one saying and others hearing’. It combined with on-site equipment and let Yaojin, the model worker and technical expert of pipe-line company to move related equipment principle, process, maintenance knowledge and other training course to equipment scene. That made the dull theory which was difficult to understand in the classroom become easy and intelligible through on-site physical explanations.
Some trainees even came up with the problems like large quality of pump vibration and concentricity to let teachers and students to analyze the cause of the malfunction and research solutions. This interactive training method was very popular with staff and the exam pass rate is up to 100%.
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