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Low-carbon economy --the 'antipyretic' of the earth
Regarding the global warming, the scientific circles have had the dispute. The scientists thought that the primary reason of global warming is that the human activity causes the greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere to increase. But in urging the climate warming, the carbon dioxide has the biggest effect. Its vitality is very tenacious, once it is discharged in the atmosphere, it will not disappear at least 50 to 200 years. Therefore, carrying out low-carbon economy is considered as one of the efficacious devices to avoid the climate having the disastrous change, and maintain human sustainable development.
As a matter of fact, the essence of low-carbon economy is to use efficiency of energy, explore clean energy and pursue green GDP and the core are energy and emission reduction technology innovation, industrial structure and system innovation and the fundamental transformation of human survival and development concept. The ultimate goal is to realize the sustainable development of the world economy.
The low-carbon economy is not only a new idea but also the growth point of next-round new economy.
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