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What does the over-valuation for China energy
consumption tell us?
The International Energy Agency recently published data, 2009 China surpassed the US and became the world's largest energy consuming countries. The twinkling of an eye, won the United States maintain more than one century head country; and the world's energy history landmark event; and global energy, China's moment in the story full of Western media, the extraordinary enthusiasm is both interesting and thought provoking.
The Chinese official statistics data indicated clearly that Chinese the energy consumption total quantity was equal last year to 2,132,000,000 ton oil equivalent, was lower than the international energy bureau announcement 2,252,000,000 ton oil equivalent data. The American media also acknowledged that American daily average expense petroleum 19,000,000 barrels, Chinese daily average oil consumption 9,200,000 barrels, but is also inferior to the American consumption quantity half.
What also some point often intends by certain countries to avoid, “average per person energy consumption”. According to this places, how the result does work? The International Energy Agency as a developed country club, the publication that is not consistent with actual data in China, in addition to China to take the energy-saving and new energy development measures and progress, I'm afraid I don't understand their own interest considerations; maybe it also has an important relationship with their benefits.
However, the fact after is a fact, the economic problem is the economic problem. What we need to be vigilant is giving a thought to the fact the exaggerating data, and what needs to prevent is taking the economic problem as the political issue. If so, the result can only be both harms to each other.
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