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Chinese Feng Shui which means "Wind and Water"
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. A few thousand years, the Chinese were concerned with placing their homes in a protected position against nature's vagaries. Analyzing land formations and the surrounding energy flow for harmony and balance gradually evolved into a formal practice.
Feng Shui means "Wind and Water". Both wind and water in large amounts can be very damaging so the ancient Chinese learned that building a home high on a hilltop left it vulnerable to strong currents. Placing the home in a valley where there was a water source such as a river caused concern for flooding safety.
The "just right" position was determined to be at the base of the mountain, protected from the wind and yet far enough from the water to be safe. This configuration was known as the belly of the dragon, but any comfortable, safe site was said to have good Chi, the vital Life Force Energy that flows through the Universe.We are looking for the "just right" position and feeling for your personal spaces: home, office, room, garden and property.
When you know that your home is your sanctuary, you open up to a new support system that balances personal passions with stability and serenity".
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