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Petroleum and petrochemical enterprises are
striving for “Green Beijing” motion
The 2008 Olympic Games provided great driving force for Beijing petrol upgrade. In order to fully implement green Olympic Games, in accordance with the demand of Beijing Olympics green oil, there is a need to use the equivalent Euro IV standards high clean petrol. China Petroleum and petrochemical enterprises make a positive response to this request. China Jinzhou petrochemical branch began to do preparatory work to produce gasoline in line with the euro IV standard gasoline in 2006 so as to meet the energy needs of the "Green Olympics". And it became the first petrochemical enterprise to produce the gasoline at the end of 2006. From July 2007, it began to provide for Beijing in supply chain. In addition to Jinzhou petrochemical, China also has a number of petrochemical enterprises to produce the high standard clean gasoline for Beijing Olympics.
The domestic petroleum petrochemical enterprises responded to Olympic Games request positively, to realize a fuel oil standard significant leap. That indicated that the capital fuel oil quality had already stridden in the world advanced ranks. It not only has served Olympic Games, also promoted our country gasoline product turning to a new generation.
The 'no coal' construction in urban core area is the important content for Beijing to promote clean energy utilization. At present, as a kind of clean energy, the natural gas with growing proportion has being used more and more widely in Beijing. This drives Beijing energy structure to make transition to cleanness and low-carbon. ‘Gasification of Beijing’ is an important practical way for the 'No coal' construction.
'Gasification of Beijing' is not simple, and this process cannot be separated from the oil companies, especially the support from China petroleum. Regardless of the Shanxi Beijing line, the Central Asia gas line, are continuously transporting the clean energy for Beijing to guarantee Beijing's natural gas supply with maximum limit.
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