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The energy conservation work must be started from
the intravenous drip
Rome was not built in one day.According to newspaper report, the Oil King Rockefeller, was a welding inspector when he was young. Daily work was to check whether the oil tank covers were completely automatic welding. This work looks very simple, just looking at the oil tank every day to be sent to rotation platform, and then solder drips along automatically and rotates a cycle, and he checks whether the working procedure is complete or not. Many people have done the work, they fell very simple.
But Rockefeller found a problem in the process: the tank rotates a cycle, solder will drip 39 drops. But in fact, 38 drops is enough. That means it is possible to save one drop. So he developed a "38 drops" welding machine and recommend it to the company. The company's profits brought by this were 100 million yuan a year. This story is worth considering.
Lanzhou pipeline oil and gas branch from the authorities to stations, teams and groups, thrifty, the emphasis on thrift, savings is very effective. This is good practice and experience for sticking energy-saving and emission reduction formed under the new situation. And it is worth summarizing, consolidating and developing.
Regardless of “learning from others”, our enterprise experience, tells us, insisted that conserves energy must start from the intravenous drip, the leader takes the lead, is highly aware, forms the habit.Both the foreign experience and our enterprise experience tell us sticking energy-saving must start from the intravenous drip and the leader must take the lead with high consciousness so as to form the habit.
Hope the whole society take pride in saving and create saving culture. Every one should start from himself to save on water, oil, gas and electrical energy and make new contributions to enterprise development with practical actions.
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