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Embroidery,a folk art with a history of more than 3000 years, has an important position in the history of Chinese arts and crafts.On a piece of silk or cloth, people embroider all kinds of beautiful pictures and patterns with threads of silk, wool or cotton. Among various kinds of embroidery,the best products come from four provinces:Jiangsu,Hunan,Guangdong and Sichuan.
Suzhou Embroidery, or Su Xiu, has a history of more than 2000 years. Suzhou artists are able to use more than 40 ways of needling and 1000 different types of threads to make flowers, birds, animals and even gardens on a piece of cloth. Su embroidery features a strong, folk flavor and its weaving techniques are characterized by the following: the product surface must be flat, the rim must be neat, the needle must be thin, the lines must be dense, the color must be harmonious and bright and the picture must be even. Su embroidery products fall into three major categories: costumes, decorations for halls and crafts for daily use, which integrate decorative and practical values. Double-sided embroidery is an excellent representative of Su embroidery. The best-known work is an embroidered cat with bright eyes and fluffy hair, looking vivid and lifelike.
Guangdong Embroidery,or Yue Xiu (Yue Xiu, dates back to at least 1000 years. Influenced by national folk art,Yue embroidery formed its own unique characteristics. The embroidered pictures are mainly of dragons and phoenixes,and flowers and birds, with neat designs and strong,contrasting colors.Floss, thread and gold-and-silk thread embroidery are used to produce costumes,decorations for halls and crafts for daily use.Guangdong Embroidery is usually colorful and bright with neat patterns,with a dragon and phoenix predominating among the images.Prominent works are "Hundred Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix" and "Screen of Nine Dragons".
Sichuan Embroidery, or Shu Xiu, became known as early as 1000 years ago .Originating among the folk people in the west of Sichuan Province,Shu embroidery formed its own unique characteristics:smooth,bright,neat and influenced by the geographical environment,customs and cultures.The works incorporated flowers,leaves,animals,mountains,rivers and human figures as their themes.Altogether,there are 122 approaches in 12 categories for weaving.The craftsmanship of Shu embroidery involves a combination of fine arts,aesthetics and practical uses, such as the facings of quits ,pillowcases ,coats ,shoots and screen covers.The exemplary work are "Hibiscus and Carps" and "Roosters and Coxcomb".
Apart from the above four types,fine embroidery is also made in Beijing,Wenzhou,Shanghai and by the Miao ethnic communities.
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