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A full, formal banquet, combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies
A full,formal banquet,combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies a collection of China's Manchu and Han banquet catering giant characteristics,originated in the Qing court,the original for the 66-year-old birthday of Emperor Kangxi of the feast,designed to defuse the Man does not and, later followed this tradition,adding a delicacy,very luxurious. Feast of the Qing Dynasty also includes pro-Mongolia fan feast,feast Tingchen, million birthday feast,feast Minds 1000, nine white feast.
Coloured Glaze Pearl,Stir-fried Fish Slices,Peach-Shaped Birthday Cake.Water Lily Crisp,Braised Fresh Mushroom with Balsam.Panda Tasting Bamboo.Gold Thread Porridge,Chestnut Cake. "Chinese Golden Coin" Spin.Golden Cake,Mushroom Consomme with Eggs,Deep-fried Boiled Rabbit Meat.Sweet-scented Osmanthus and Dry Scallop.Rabbit Meat with Hot Pepper and Peanuts.Fangshan Cake.Phoenix Spreading the Wings,Braised Shark'Fin Like Phoenix Tail,Lotus Prawn,Four-Delicacies Soup,Mandarin Duck Thin Milk.Imperial Pea Puree,Yulong Chaffy Dish,Dragon Phoenix Heartthrob,French Bean Gold Fish.White Fungus with Pigeon Egg.Crispy Fried Duck,Banana Cake,Date Cake,White Fungus,Fried Chicken Legs.Sesame Roll,Stir-fried Prawn,Fried Bork Fillet,Curry Cauliflower.Braised Sliced Duck with Bean Sprouts.
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