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China Petroleum brand innovation called out the slogan
At present, international competition in the market has entered a brand era. Brand represents personality characteristics of products and services provided by enterprises. It can greatly improve the added value of corresponding products and services and enhance customer’s loyalty. Particularly, in time of the market downturn, the well-known brands can often show greater vigor. Apple Inc’s first place in the brand value ranked list explains that the brand strategy based on science and technology innovation is the fundamental way for enterprise to win market.
China Petroleum gem belongs to a non-scientific brand, but it is the sign for China Petroleum to go into the public and the world. It reflects core business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, security” and enterprise value of “dedicating energy, create harmony”, and represents unified enterprise culture of China Petroleum.
Innovation is the primary driving force for enterprise development. With the advancements in technology development, the scientific and cultural content in brand is growing. At the same time, knowledge half-life time is being shorter and shorter. To maintain the brand's vitality and vigor, we must continue to innovate. Through innovation, the enterprises can not only optimize structure and reduce cost, but also develop more and better products to form product differentiation so as to improve brand value. It can be said that the innovation is a key to cultivate the enterprise core competitiveness and enhance long-term competitive advantage, is also the basic way to promote the brand popularity.
In short, in the brand era innovation is the main theme of enterprise development. China Petroleum enterprises only continue to innovate, they can promote he brand value and firmly grasp the market competition.
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