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Chinese oil major science and technology promote
energy conservation
In early September, the Technology Management Department of the Group held an exchanging meeting about science and technology projects in Beijing.
Through the establishment of major science and technology and study of energy system optimization, it fully demonstrated the importance of China Petroleum for energy saving Through the energy system optimization basis, talent basis and tool basis established under the, implementation of major science and technology projects to increase energy optimization company capability of independent innovation. That is not only good for achieving emission reduction targets, but has great strategic significance for improving construction of resource-saving enterprises.
The application of systems engineering and advanced optimization methods, unification of the rich actual production management and the operation experience and the analysis for the process energy systems can find the bottleneck of energy utilization and raise optimization program for energy use so as to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction while improving economic efficiency of enterprises.
At present, through training, demonstration projects, promotion of engineering practice, it has established three levels of energy system optimization team. The meticulous management and system energy saving ideas are more deeply in people’s hearts. At the same time, it effectively promoted the system energy saving and consumption reduction work of China Petroleum and other petrochemical enterprises.
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