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Green Chemical Industry:The Booster for energy saving
and emission reduction
In recent years, the development of the world chemical industry continuously promoted human progress. At the same time, it also exacerbated negative effect like environmental pollution and green house effect. Some leading environmental events are related with chemical industry, such as Ozone hole, white pollution, acid rain, eutrophication and so on. This also gave birth to the rapid development of green chemical industry.
The green chemical industry refers to in the product of chemical industry production process, using the concept of environmental protection to optimize the integration of the production process and reuse waste to reduce consumption and waste emissions. The rise of green chemical makes the treatment for chemical industrial pollution change from "Treatment after pollution" to "Bring environment pollution under permanent control from the source".
At present, green chemical industry has been listed as an important strategy for sustainable development in the 21st century by the world. It is an important way to solve the resource, energy shortages, and environmental degradation. Green chemistry industry and clean production technology will develop to the direction of energy saving and environmental protection and provide a variety of ways for the quality improvement of human life and the environment improvement.
Green Chemical industry not only makes petrochemical industry reach energy-saving and emissions-reduction target, it also promotes other industries to achieve green production by applications of green chemicals and green chemical process in other fields. Therefore, the green chemical industry has become a booster for energy-saving and emission-reduction.
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