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Let the low-carbon development not be misguided
Recently, in order to promote "low-carbon economy", practicing "low-carbon life", some companies stopped the elevator been using for many years. People will ask: Is stopping using the elevator low-carbon? Actually, this is a misunderstanding of low-carbon lives. Although low-carbon life advocates austerity, but it does not allow people to enjoy the good life, nor is to reduce the standard of living or allow people to return to the original community.
In some areas, to achieve emission reduction targets, many manufacturers of high energy consumption all carry out power brownouts or stop production when approaching year-end. This is also a misunderstanding. Low carbon is not the task but a target, it should be achieved by using use the correct means.
"Low-carbon life" refers to people in work and life reduce energy consumption to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb the greenhouse effect. In order to pursue low-carbon, many people advocate what we do should not affect people's normal life and work or lead to reduced quality of life as a precondition. Otherwise, the low- carbon will be misguided.
Promoting low-carbon life is not to asking people to return the time with walking and candle lighting. Low-carbon living should also be stressed a "degree". Although not too extravagant to promote people's lives, but should keep the right comfort.
Enterprises should pass the idea of low-carbon work, low-carbon life and low-carbon consumption to every staff. For example, putting an end to long light and long-running water, saving office supplies, etc. With the help of the joint efforts of individual employee and company, it is to make contribution to the implementation of low-carbon society. However, do not make some extreme low-carbon behaviors in the name of low-carbon. Such as stopping using elevator, limiting power supply, stopping production and so on.
Therefore, as for low-carbon life, we should have a correct understanding but not generalize to misunderstand "low carbon" concept to make the low-carbon low-minded.
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