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How to 'go up' in the international market
In the overseas services of China Petroleum engineering technology, mostly are in the low-end market with poor competitiveness. What qualities should we have to develop high-end market? How to “go up” well?
In the international market competition, China Petroleum engineering technology team has some advantages. Such as integration of the overall advantages, lower equipment and labor cost, strong financial support of state-owned enterprises, unique spirit of China Petroleum iron man and so on. However, characteristics and advantages of our technique is not obvious, there is a relative lack of unique leading-edge technology, technological competitiveness is not strong, overall experience and ability of international operation are poor and the development model is relatively simple.
Therefore, we should take following measures:
Firstly, fully understand and analyze overall situation and development trend of petroleum Engineering, objectively cognize our own strengths and weaknesses and determine targeting high-end market and strategy to correctly estimate our own strength as well as that of our opponents and seek for the breakthrough point well.
Secondly, strengthen international technical exchange and cooperation and increase appearing opportunity, influence and power of speech.
Thirdly, carry out multi-international cooperation, implement diversified development, put international powerful combination and integrate superior resources to use by ourselves.
Fourthly, make the best of opportunity of China overseas investment.
Besides, improve our own quality, improve the quality of team and company management ability in order to meet the need for management needs in the high-end market.
At last, extend and improve the industrial chain, enhance comprehensive integration service and one-stop problem-solving skills and form profit source of the whole industry chain.
To make the China Petroleum Engineering technology team gain a firm foothold in the international high-end market, we should grasp the international oil market trends and have reasonable personnel echelon, concept of the operation of international markets, high-tech technology and equipment, institutionalized management process, HSE and quality management support as well as pan-international logistics support.
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