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A good start of China Oil and gas production in the new year
52,510,000 cubic meters
From January 1 to 5, Xinjiang Oilfield Company produced 52.51 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Last year, Xinjiang Oilfield Company got tremendous achievements in oil-gas exploration, and made breakthroughs in the eastern, southern margin and windy city regions. Both the verified reserves and workable reserves exceeded the target. In the stable production of old area, all the oil and gas production units strengthened geological research and stimulation, improved the individual well production and continuously increased rolling exploration and development efforts relying on new technology and new process in order to make crude oil production and natural gas production run smoothly according to plan all the time. In 2010, Xinjiang Oilfield Company produced 10.89 million tons of crude oil, 3.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and controlled the tons of oil cost within the plan targets.
211 million cubic meters
From January 1 to 5, the Southwest Oil Field Company produced 211 million cubic meters of natural gas, the average daily output reached 42.268 million cubic meters. The Southwest Oil Field Company insisted on taking the oil and gas exploration and development on the unwavering dominant position from beginning to end. The gas production of last year was 15.36 billion cubic meters, an increase of 330 million cubic meters and increased for 11 consecutive years. In 10 years, annual gas production of the Southwest Oil Field Company has doubled. Southwest Oil and Gas Field took every effort to organise "Three" tough fights for overall speeding up the exploration and development in key exploration areas. New area construction was pushed ahead orderly. At the same time, the company continued to promote stable production project of old gas field and the gas production ran beyond the plan.

More than 200 million cubic meters per hour
From January 1 to 5, Taklimakan Natural gas production area continuously transferred more than 200 million cubic meters of gas to main line of West-East transmission project. After 5 years’ construction, Talimu oilfield provided West-East transmission project with accumulative 71.97 billion cubic meters of gas in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period. And it has built a "Treasure bowl" of 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas production.

According to the latest statistics, Oil and gas exploration in Talimu oilfield presents "blowout”, and the natural gas scale is expanding continuously.
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