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Use soft measures to help to solve the automobile problem
Motor vehicles and energy are closely related. According to the data, by the end of October in 2010, China's vehicle fleet reached 199 million, among it, the automobiles are more than 8500 millions.
LBy the end of year, car production and sales both exceeded 18 million, and set a world record once again. To face such a large car "family", how much oil will be ‘drunk’ every year?
As China's rapid growth in car ownership, driving difficult and parking problems in many cities have become more serious difficult, and air pollution caused by motor vehicles and other environmental issues attract great public attention.
Meanwhile, the car is "big spending" of refined oil. In 2009, China's auto consumption of refined oil was about 135 million tons, accounting for 63.2% of the total output of gasoline and diesel. According to relevant experts, calculating by the desired numerical projections of and 1.6 tons of fuel per vehicle in a year, the new cars in 2010 will bring more than 2,800 tons of refined oil consumption. This growth rate is difficult to bear in long-term in terms of refining capacity and reality of China's dependence on foreign oil of 53.7%.
Under the "car problem", in some places, the domestic new round of "repairer movement" has begun. By the end of 2015, national planning automobile production capacity will reach 31.24 million.
National and local government paid great attention to "Car problem", and introduces a series of policies and measures. For example, inhibit automobile production capacity surplus, impose fuel tax, restrict vehicle exhaust emissions, speed up the construction of urban rail transit, promote the development of new energy vehicles, etc. Some of the measures made significant effectiveness, and some need to take a process to show the effectiveness.
Although the measures like vehicle purchase tax rate adjustment, number control of license plate and others were introduced gradually, in the situation of unprecedented desire of the public car consumption, we should restrict, strengthen guidance and publicity and strengthen public awareness of green travel. Then some effects may be more obvious.
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