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Xiangsheng (comic dialogue) - a skill on the mouth
Naturally, Xiangsheng (comic dialogue) performers traditionally have trained skills including telling, imitation, amusing and singing. Since Xiangsheng is an art of language, and the techniques of handling language and voice are quite important. Therefore, the four basic skills seem essential to Xiangsheng performers.
Telling refers to the handling of jokes, twisters, two-part allegorical sayings and so on. It requires the performers to have an articulate pronunciation and a fluent speech. Imitation means that the performers should be good at imitating human voice and sound of other objects as well as sound effects, including various kinds of gastriloquy, dialects, hucksters' voice, arias in traditional operas, and facial expressions and folk customs of different characters, old and young, male and female. Amusing means that Xiangsheng of whatever form is supposed to amuse the audience and hopefully make them laugh. Therefore, every sketch, no matter how artistic, must contain at least one gag funny enough to make the audience roll around in laughter. Singing requires the performers to have a good voice and can sing different arias in traditional operas and popular tunes.
Telling, imitation, amusing and singing are the foundation of Xiangsheng performance, and every Xiangsheng performer should master the skills. However, in actual performances, different performers have their strong points, and feature different styles.
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