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Ideas change and diversified devolvement for improvement of market
protection capability
Long-term, stable and secure energy supply is strategic issue of common concern in the world. And of course it is one of the focuses for representatives of the two Conferences to offer advice and suggestions. According to incomplete statistics from "China News" energy channel, the motions of nearly 50 representatives and members are related to energy issues by the end of the two Conferences. On the occasion of first year of "second five", there id no doubt that energy become a major economic and social development keywords.
In this domestic and international situation, how to further enhance the ability of market protection supply is the serious for each energy enterprise to study.
To ensure market supply, firstly, consolidate and expand oil and gas resource base. In the new five-year, China Petroleum need to seize the favorable opportunity, consolidate the foundation position of major domestic oil and gas production areas, Speed up the layout of the favorable location to occupy efficient markets. This is the core to create sustainable PetroChina and Secondly,Secondly, create long-lasting protection mechanism, enhance market monitoring and information processing capabilities, and make market play its role. This year's government work report stressed once again: Adhere organic unity of government regulation and market mechanism, fully exploit the basic role of market in allocating resources and stimulate the inherent vitality of the economy. And in the future work plan, deepening change of prices of resource products and green fees will be one of the priorities. Establish and improve the flexibility to reflect market supply and demand, improve oil and natural gas price formation mechanisms and various types of electricity pricing mechanism.
Besides, facing the situation of economic globalization in-depth development and deepening opening up, we should develop a global perspective, strengthen strategic thinking and co-ordinate domestic and international situations, and make good use of domestic and international resources and two markets. Chinese energy companies still have a long way to go.
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