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International high-end steel processing gets initial victory
On March 20, the first structure parts of Australia CADIA steel structure project of China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering Company were loaded to deliver. This means that the first international high-end steel processing project of the company got initial victory.
Since 2010, on the basis of serving and guaranteeing offshore exploration and development at home and abroad of the Group Company, Marine Engineering Company increased market development efforts, braved external markets to gradually cultivate marine business competitive advantages and develop high-end steel structure and other similar marine industries. Australia CADIA steel structure project is the first international project which is contracted by marine division department of marine engineering company. The first order task is the construction of 9 single ones of 3 brackets under steel tube frame.
In the process of construction, technology center of marine division department, block structure workshop, anti-corrosion outfitting branch, quality monitoring station and other units & departments cooperated with each other to in-depth study and research international standards, formulate and perfect processing construction technology program, finish process operation and control specifications and specify process operation and take strict quality supervision. It took them one month to finish it, and welding pass rate, painting pass rate and inspection pass rate all reached 100%.
At present, the second order task of Australia CADIA steel structure project is being organized in construction, and steel processing capacity reached about 520 tons, expected to be completed in late May of this year.
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