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Lanzhou Petrochemical improves emergency preplan scientificalness
On March 3, the revised working group of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company emergency preplan evaluated emergency operation card of petrochemical plant acrylonitrile device. It was the test unit for preparation of emergency operation card, plant emergency preplan editing group, device panel and 6 chief editorial staff in 6 non-pilot workshops participated in the assessment will.
The acrylonitrile device is a device to produce toxic products. Preparation of emergency operation card was launched on November 23, 2010. In February this year, the company successfully completed preparation, review and field exercise of operation card, and accessed to company praise. Among this, ‘overrun’ and ‘accident’ operation cards were selected as standard template.
The assessment experts in the company and acrylonitrile panel conducted a comprehensive review for 124 emergency operation card lists of the device, and determined whether the lists cover all dangerous points of the device. Simultaneously, they got out 5 typical emergency operation cards to carry out assessment word for word to ‘accident name’, ‘process flow’, ‘accident phenomena’, ‘harm description’, ‘accident cause’, ‘accident confirming’, ‘retreated state’, ‘emergency response’ and ‘alarm process’, and filled review forms of emergency card.
At the end of last year, Lanzhou Petrochemical started editing work of emergency preplan within the company and raised that the preplan should reflect device features and post truth, should strive to match with the staff capacity, should have stronger operability to prevent inadaptability of staff, and should have strong guidance to inspire staff so as to improve perspectiveness and scientificalness in the process preplan complication.
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