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Nanxi River
The Nanxi River is located in Yongjia County of Zhejiang Province. It is 23 kilometers from Wenzhou City, with Yandang Mountains on the east, the Xiandu on the west and the Xianju on the north. The river is a famous state-level scenic spot with a total area of 625 square kilometers. It was praised as the Cradle of Chinese Landscape Painting.
Nanxi River is famous for its clean water, rare rocks, waterfall, ancient villages and shoals. The main scenic spots of the Nanxi River area include the Baizhang Waterfall, the Furong Triangle Rock, the Waterfall of Tengxi Pool, the Twelve Peaks, the Taogong Cave, the Warehouse Under The Cliff, the Furong Ancient Village, the Peace Rock and the Lion Rock, etc.. Generally speaking, the scenic area can be divided into seven parts, including Nanxi River, Daruo Rock, Shiwei Rock, Water Rock, Sihai Hill, Dou Gate and North Vally.
The sinuous Nanxi River has 36 bends and 72 beaches, with a drainage area of 2,429 square kilometers. It is flowing through the entire region of Yongjia County of Wenzhou. Running from north to south, the Nanxi River first flows into the Oujiang River and finally empties into the East China Sea. The beauty of Nanxi River is that it is well preserved in its originality and nature. It was praised by experts as the Best Water under Heaven. The water is limpid, crystal-clear and not being polluted. When looking into the river, you can see fishes swimming in the water. Also you can see the reflections of the trees on both sides. Upon examination, the sand content of the river water is just 1/10,000g per cubic meter and the pH value of the river water is about 7.
In the upper reaches of the Nanxi River, you can see waterfalls and ponds everywhere, like the Baizhang Waterfall, the Luoyang Waterfall, the Shy Waterfall Under Cliff, North Vallyhhvb and the Three-Bend Waterfall, etc. The rare rocks here are very appealing too. For example, the Peace Rock, the Triangle Rock of the deep pool, the Lion Rock, the Chaotian Tortoise, Shiwei Rock and Twelve Peak.
Apart from the water and rocks, there are many ancient villages which are hidden among the green forest. The villages preserve historical features and many traditional cultural relics. Here, you can learn about the evolution of farming and patriarchal clan in ancient China. Furthermore, the layout of most of the villages follows the unique traditional culture of China. Of all the villages in the scenic area, Furong Village is the oldest one. It has a history of more than 1,200 years. The village is square and faces east. There is a Furong Pond in the middle of it. The pond is 43 meters long and 13 meters wide, commonly named Dadou. Cangpo Village and Yantou Village are also very famous.
Nanxi River is not only famous for its beautiful sceneries, but also for the relic site of Neolithic Age and ancient architecture of pagodas, bridges, kiosks, stone archways and battlefield relics, which are from Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. China cultural heritage like traditional geomancy, ancient stationery and old family genealogies are invaluable materials for history lovers and scholars.
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