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High production and low consumption of Daqing Petrochemical OXO
Daqing Petrochemical Company rationally used existing resources, took efforts to find the best combination point for high production and low consumption so as to achieve optimal point of device operation. By April 1, the OXO in Daqing Petrochemical used new process to product normal butanol, production energy consumption reduced to 291.22 kg of oil / from 295.08 kg of oil / ton, and got More than 400 million profit.
The OXO in Daqing Petrochemical is the only set of domestic oxo gas circulation device. In recent years, the demand for isobutyraldehyde in the market is increasing. Its price has exceeded the price of isobutanol, and the price differential remained at more than 500 yuan / ton. The isobutanol is produced from isobutyraldehyde after hydrogenation, refining and isomer separation. The production process not only consumes hydrogen but also wastes steam, water and other energy so as to cause the phenomenon of high cost and low profit.
To ensure the system is running in the best condition, the company's technical staff timely grasp laboratory analysis data, add triphenylphosphine catalyst into the reactor according to the downtrend of the content of Triphenylphosphine in reactor and system reaction effect. And improves yield coefficient of butyraldehyde. Meanwhile, they often communicate with software manufacturers and timely change operation parameters according to operation condition of model-free control software to make the operation condition achieve optimum state.
After the scientific appraisal of technicians, the company actively optimizes process, changes the butanol production cycle of separating isobutanol isomer tower into directly separating isobutyraldehyde, makes butyraldehyde added with hydrogen to get end product n-butanol and sells isobutyraldehyde separated from isomer tower.Not only meets the market demand but also achieve the purpose of cost decreasing and effect increasing. In order to ensure top-grade product rate of butanol so as to achieve purpose of high production and low consumption, the company actively optimizes butanol production cycle to get top-grade products.
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