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Energy challenges and opportunities of social and economic
development in China
Energy is the most important material basis for human survival and development and the most important driving force to promote modern production. Today, China's sustained and rapid development of social economy is accompanied by the growing energy demand. China should solve energy bottleneck problems in rapid economic development.
Current status and challenges of energy problem in our country
In recent years, “power cuts to limit consumption” appears frequently in some parts of the country. The power shortage, coal shortage and gasoline shortage come one after another in some areas. This reflects our energy problems in development planning. The forecast accuracy, reasonableness of supporting system and other aspects in energy development plan are not fully up to expectations. And there is inadequate coordination between energy production & consumption structures and energy resource structure.

Alert to the problem that the world high energy consuming industry transfers into our country
In recent years, with the rise in price of bulk commodity in international market, the high energy consuming industries in some areas of western China have taken great development. These high energy consuming industries with low starting points not only exacerbate the tense situation of domestic energy, but also put impact on the international market. And it is also most likely to make western China become the transfer destination for world's high energy consumption industry. So China is also likely to become the world center of high-energy consumption industry.

Renewable energy is a new hope as energy development
Renewable energy source includes wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy, etc. Vigorously developing renewable energy sources has become an important task of China's energy strategy. China has abundant renewable energy resources. And our country started to develop and use renewable energy, have made great progress in small hydropower, solar thermal devices, wind power, biogas in rural areas and others. According to incomplete statistics, in 2006, the utilization of renewable energy in China was 200 million tons of standard coal, accounts for about 8% of China's primary energy consumption.

Actively participate in international cooperation to ensure energy security
According to scientific estimates, if we do not develop new energy, in the next 200 years, human will run out fossil energy accumulated by earth in the past hundreds of millions of years. Besides, consumption of fossil energy can have done great harm to the environment. Today, with the rising international oil prices and over-exploitation of resources, human has begun to reflect on their own development behavior and have embarked on a journey of exploration of new energy. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor,ITER is one of such exploration activities.
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