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Play the strongest voice of Science and Technology Development
Science and technology are primary productive forces. Oil is the blood of industry and the country's economic development propellant.
As the largest oil and gas production enterprise and supply enterprise, PetroChina depends on science and technology and strives for long-term high and stable yield in Daqing Oil Field, Changqing Oilfield use of tight sandstone gas resources, deep oil and gas Exploration and development of Tarim Oilfield.
Originated in the Chinese oil, major national projects have become the most important technological development. This is the major initiative to make scientific and technological achievements root and blossom in the enterprises. Using major national science and technology projects as lead, and taking the establishment of major science and technology projects and major field investigation as basis, China Petroleum comprehensively promotes the integration of research of research projects and demonstration projects, and have achieved three objects: theory & technological innovation, effective production & application and innovation capability promotion and achieved a number of significant results.
Enterprise is the main body of technological innovation. Getting more scientific and technological achievements and converting them into practical productive forces are one task of science and technology for the group company in current and future periods. In recent years, China Petroleum adheres to take the tight combination road of “production, learning, research”, fully plays the support role of scientific and technology in accelerating the transformation of the development pattern and master technology tool to timely translate into productive force to promote the development of petroleum industry.
Science and technology lead the future. Depending to scientific and technological progress to accelerate the transformation of the mode of development so as to achieve scientific development.We believe that science and technology will promote China Petroleum to gain the initiative and access to development opportunities in supporting China economy development.
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