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Making refining research blossom
At present, economic globalization is speeding up the process, the science and technology are taking great and rapid development, and the knowledge economy is emerging. How to get efficient operation for research project, commercialization of research findings and market development and how to make scientific and technological achievements speed up to form productive force are becoming global issue.
In recent years, the number of science and technology investment and scientific and technological achievements in our country are keeping sustained and rapid growth, but conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization rate are still low. The conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements is only 25%. As the focus business of the Group to enhance value, facing the goal that the overall technological level strives to reach the international advanced in “Twelfth Five-year” period, refining business is taking positive actions to make more scientific research blossom as soon as possible.
Only by the transformation can the scientific and technological achievements be transformed into productive force so as to provide inexhaustible motive force for enterprises.
To strengthen transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of refining, firstly, it should have guarantee of institutions, personnel, capital and other conditions. In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, these conditions got great improvement and changed some factors restricting the transformation.
Refining research direction and scientific project settings directly affect the achievements transformation. Jilin Petrochemical Company once stretched the research very wide, although there was a large input power, the conversion rate was not ideal. During the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the company identified key research areas, a research group containing three or five people before increased to more than ten people, the transformation rate and application rate reached 44%, quality and impact also had improved too much.
The senior Engineer in RBM Department of China Petroleum and Petrochemical Institute issued, each research projects have been repeatedly demonstrated, but Objective reasons led to problems for some projects in the beginning of project, this also affected the transformation effect.
In addition to the above reasons, specific to different refining companies, factors are more complicated. All market development efforts, technological maturity and communication level can affect the transformation effect. Therefore, we should accelerate the speed of scientific and technological achievements into effective with the help of innovative cooperation model.
Currently, oil refining and chemical division is planning to use ending market to drive and guide scientific research in order to make sure that scientific research achieves industrialization on the basis of ensure that advance research and basic research.Taking the project research as key point, grasping the "seamless" butt and taking imitative to make multilateral cooperation so as to actively promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
So far, refining research institutes increasingly recognize the importance of cooperation with the university. Relative to corporate R & D units, university engages much in basic and divergence research. If we can fully draw support of university research and do further study on this basis, the transformation cycle of scientific research achievements of enterprise will further reduce.
The "Twelfth Five-Year" period is strategic opportunity for our petrochemical industry to accomplish a great deal. Technological innovation should be taken as support for changing patterns of development. Besides, we should choose core technology which can enhance competitiveness, accelerate the pace of transformation and promote the application.
As the improvement of China's crude oil processing capacity, the refining technology also achieves rapid development. Relying on independent innovation, China has mastered the ability to build million-ton refinery at present. Large-scale petroleum and petrochemical enterprises in China are taking rapid and stable development, one important reason is that they always enhance the science and technology innovation as an important force for improving competitiveness.
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