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China Petroleum LDO catalyst into the U.S. market
The LDO-75 FCC catalyst, which was researched by petrochemical Research Institute recently received orders of Chevron Corporation and successfully entered into the U.S. market. This marks China's scientific research and production of oil catalytic cracking catalysts have reached the international advanced level, and have strength to participate in international competition in high-end catalytic cracking catalysts.
After years of development, Petrochemical Institute has become one of important domestic FCC catalyst R & D units. The FCC catalyst researched by the institute has got Catalyst supplier qualification of Chevron, Shell, Exxon and Mobil and other international oil companies.
In recent years, the institute has developed a series of catalysts of various functions to meet market demand. Among them, the LDO catalyst was favored by many users because of its excellent thermal stability of water and heavy oil conversion capacity, and was applied in more than 20 refineries at home and abroad. LDO-75 catalyst products provide a variety of innovative technologies. And it is good at heavy oil conversion capability, perfect coke selectivity and high yield of light oil.
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