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China Petroleum Overseas operating oil and gas pipeline
exceeded ten thousand kilometers
On August 9, Chad oil pipeline with length of 311 km had run smoothly for a month. As the first important energy channel through the south of Chad, the successful operation of this pipeline not only has great significance for the economic development of Chad, but also makes the pipelines operated and constructed by China Petroleum overseas oil and gas business exceed the thousand kilometers, and reach 10,031 km.
Overseas Chinese oil pipeline construction began in 1997. After 10 years of efforts, overseas pipeline construction achieved a rapid development and got major breakthrough. At present, China Petroleum built and put 10,031 km overseas oil pipeline into operation, accounting for the total mileage of China Petroleum Pipeline 1 / 5. Among them, there are 7 the crude oil pipelines with total length of 6209 km and 51 million tons of annual transport capacity, 2 natural gas pipelines with total length of 3800 kilometers and about 23 billion cubic meters of annual gas-transport capacity.
China Petroleum overseas oil and gas pipelines are mainly in Africa and Central Asia. The construction of China Petroleum overseas oil and gas pipeline also left a deep imprint in the history of the world's oil and gas pipeline construction. In June 1999, Sudan's first crude oil pipeline - 1/2/4 zone crude oil pipeline was successfully built and put into operation, and supported Sudan's economic with take-off wings. In July 2006, land's first long-distance cross-country crude oil pipeline - Sino-Kazakh oil pipeline was completed, and it established energy artery across Central Asia. In December 2009, China first introduced outside the "blue gold" of the new Silk Road Energy - Central Asia Gas Pipeline Project was put into operation, and it became an example for solidarity and mutual cooperation of four Central Asian countries.
The build-up and running of overseas oil and gas pipeline took an effective solution to the crude Oil transport and refining crude oil supply of overseas upstream oil fields, improved economic prosperity and development of countries with resources. Overseas oil and gas pipelines connecting with domestic oil and gas pipeline net pipelines. That brings a balance of domestic and international oil and gas supply, and has significance for achieving diversification of our energy supply, improving China's energy consumption structure and promoting China's rapid economic development.
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