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Heating system renovation of Jilin Petrochemical
for energy-saving promotion
The piedmont heating system revolution project of Jilin Petrochemical Mining Division Heating Company was completed on September 7. This is one of the measures the company took to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work. The company continued to strengthen the management of energy measurement, during heating period from 2010 to 2011, the heat consumption reduced 138,000 GJ and saved 3.8 million yuan.
The company focuses on equipment modification, makes efforts to reduce high heating cost caused by evaporating, emitting, dripping or leaking of equipment and pipeline. They updates 192,000 meters of pipeline, transforms 21 pump houses, builds 12 new pump houses and updates 91 pumps.
The company actively introduces advanced technology and equipment, installs 752 advanced variable frequency drives and builds 5 remote heating control command centers.
Control center adopts the best operation scheme to control water supply and return water temperature. In this March, only variable frequency control saved 55,000 kWh electricity, saving capital was 38,500 yuan.
Strengthen the scheduling control and use heating curve control to reduce heat consumption. In order to minimize the heating energy consumption on the premise of guaranteeing heating effect, the company automatically inputs winter outdoor temperature, heating water temperature and other related data into computer. The computer calculates and determines heating temperature of blocks according to the temperature of the day. According to the data of heating state diagram, then the dispatching desk contacts with operators in the pump house to adjust so as to make the heat consumption in control.
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