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Well exemption period of Changqing Oil Production
Plant I reaches up to 670 days
Changqing Oil Production Plant I explores the extension of the exemption period well of low-permeability oil fields, carries out fundamental research and innovates management methods shaft. By the end of November 25, the wells average exemption period increases up to 670 days.
Since the beginning of this year, the Plant I established Pingqiao, Houshi two demonstration areas for exemption period extension of well, took analysis to determine the.
Main factors affecting the period, Took the measures of active control combining with prevention and long-term treatment to gradually solve well wax, pump-valve leakage, rod failure, scale formation and other problems. Simultaneously, from program design, approval, implementation the three -pronged approaches, the plant increased efforts to implement replacement of new well and old well so as to improve pump efficiency and system efficiency. The plant also got the help of digital management tools to achieve management mode change of dynamic management of the wellbore from “daily patrolling, ten days analysis, monthly sum” to “timely monitoring, daily analysis, and monthly sum”.
Through the wellhole control measures, the well exemption period of plant I extended effectively, and the average single-well maintenance operations wells decreased by 2 percentage points. Among them, the exemption period of Pingqiao demonstration area and Houshi area were separately extended to 726 days,603 days.
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