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Pulu Costumes of Menba Nationality
Menba nationality has a close relationship with the Tibetan nationality. Its customs are strongly influenced by it, but are still unique in many ways. Costumes of the Menba nationality are usually made of pulu, a kind of woolen fabric that Tibetan people use to make clothes and cushions. For Menba people, various splendid pulus are necessities of daily life.
Men in Menyu area like to wear a kind of hat called Balaga. Balaga has blue or black pulu crown, red pulu lower part, orange flannel-bordered brim, and a nick to be right over the right eye. Orange paint is made from a local grass root. Men in Menyu area usually wear ochre cotton or pulu robes that are shorter and smaller than Tibetan gowns. As the roads are narrow and of big slope, people favor soft-sole high boots made of red and black pulu.
Women in Menyu area wear robes with a white pulu apron. Women in Lebu and Bangjin area usually drape a sheepskin or calf skin over the back. It is said that the custom was handed down from the time when Princess Wencheng came to Shannan, Tibet. Women all wear neck ornaments of torquoise, red coral and agate, etc. The undergarment they wear is called Bubure. It has diverse colors, no front opening, collar or button, just a round neck opening. The outer clothing, Donggu, made of red and black pulu has longer and shorter versions. Both men and women wear a 6m long and 2m wide red-pulu waistband.
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