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Holy Farmer Yandi
Human beings, created by the goddess Nv Wa, multiplied rapidly. As their number increased, they suffered a gradual decline in natural food. With fewer birds and beasts to hunt or wild fruits to pick, they began to starve. Just at that time a tender-hearted leader, Yandi, emerged.
Yandi was born during a drought when most of weeds and trees withered. Catching sight of the newborn baby, the starving people were stupefied; for this baby was a monster with bull head and human body. As soon as he was born, he opened his eyes, lights from which lit up the thatched cottage. Seeing the parched lips of people surrounding him, he said, "Go and drink, there are wells outside." A little skeptical, people walked out of the cottage and came in view of nine wells, which were connected with each other. If they drew water from one well, the water in the other eight would also respond. People were delighted. However, after a while, people found that water was not enough for their situation, because they still need something to eat. Raising his bullhead, Yandi cried to the sky, "Dear gods, food are little and people are starving!" Then something strange happened - a snowfall of food fell from the heaven.
With the food people were able to sustain life. However, half a year later, the food from heaven was running out and people turned to Yandi again. Bringing out agricultural tools invented all by himself, Yandi said, "Go make tools after these models. And I'll show you how to grow crops when you finish. You shall never starve."
In a month, using their agricultural tools, people brought a vast piece of land into cultivation under Yandi's supervision. Suddenly a big red bird, with nine-eared seedling in its mouth, showed up in the sky. It hovered above the field and ears of the grains fell in profusion. In no time tall crops grew from the field. That kind of crops could not only satisfy people's hunger but also turn them into immortals.
Since it was Yandi who taught people how to grow crops and thus brought agriculture to the earth, people also called Yandi the Holy Farmer to show their respect for him.
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