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Expo, what we gain
On August 5, 2008, the China Petroleum became the global partner of Shanghai World Expo officially.
The coming of China Petroleum to the Expo is combined with the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. And the Expo provided an opportunity for the world to understand China petroleum. It has greatly enhanced the overall image of Chinese oil companies and shown the world the presence of China petroleum.
“Safe, successful, splendid, unforgettable”. When we look back to the World Expo history of China Petroleum, said that "all the way to work, all the way to harvest." The biggest gain is the identity: Image of oil companies increases due to the Expo and Petroleum Hall.
During the Expo, the Petroleum Hall built by China Petroleum, Sinopec and CNOOC has successfully deducted the World Expo subject through the declaration called "oil, extending the city dream." It made the distance between the oil and the general public closer, deeply interpreted the role of oil in promoting the development of human civilization, deepened the understanding from various circles of society to petroleum and petrochemical industries and enterprises and built tie, bridge and platform for people to understand China oil industry.
It used the international attention to review the world oil through the course of 150 years and stroke a chord with the spectators by the way of shock, infection and humor. With the help of modern high-tech, the hall showed the development course and indelible contribution of oil and reflected enterprising spirit, social responsibility and development direction of oil state enterprises.
As energy source searchers, users and creators, we must cherish oil, unswervingly follow the energy saving and low-carbon road and take developing vision and measure to respond to the challenges of future new green energy.
Adhering to the clean and sustainable development, cherishing recourse and protecting the earth are relentless pursuit and commitment of China oil enterprises. In the past, oil contributed to the process of human civilization; in the future, clean energy will make new contributions for human life.
The Expo let the world remember the Shanghai and also let the world remember the Chinese petroleum. Although 2010 Shanghai World Expo ended, the pursuit of “Oil, extending the city dream” will always inspire China oil man to make arduous efforts for better future urban life.
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