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Shale gas changes the global energy pattern
Shale gas, an unconventional gas occurring in the shale, is an important natural gas resource.
The shale gas has huge development potential. But the development and production for the gas in the history has been surrounding by economic issues. With the help of integration horizontal drilling technology and hydrofracturing technology, the Barnett shale laboratory in Texas, America achieved a historical breakthrough about shale gas mining technology and greatly reduced the unit production cost.
So far, an important concern for shale gas development in the industry is that the hydrocarbon or chemical may flow into aquifer providing drinking water.However, in most cases, there is a far vertical distance between gas-bearing layer and water-bearing layer, so the hydraulic fracturing contaminating drinking water is obviously not an imminent possibility.
The continuous maturing mining techniques and cost reduction promoted the rapid growth in shale gas production and had a significant effect on energy and related industries. In recent years, the rapid growth of U.S. shale gas production has had an important impact on global natural gas market. Because of the rapid increasing unconventional natural gas production, the amount of U.S. pipeline natural gas importing from Canada significantly reduced, thus it caused serious excess capacity of natural gas in Canada. Besides, the development of America shale gas also affected the import of North American liquefied natural gas. Some exporters of liquefied natural gas transferred the export target from U.S. to Europe and Asia Pacific regions. International Energy Agency predicts that the growth of unconventional natural gas in U.S. and Canada will make the global natural gas production capacity nearly doubled.
At present, other regions and countries also had a strong interest in shale gas and started to take action. With the continuous promotion of advanced U.S. shale gas development technology, the unconventional natural gas mining cost in all parts of the world will reduce greatly, thereby affecting all countries’ natural gas use policy to change the competitive dynamics of global gas market as well as the world economy and energy geo-political pattern.
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