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Penetrate new trends in world energy policy
Since the nuclear power station accident of Japan in March 2011, the countries all give a high priority on nuclear power safety, resulting in slowing down the pace of development of nuclear power.
In coming years, the world energy demand will continue to increase, the red line of energy-saving and emission-reduction of many developed countries are unshakable. Energy supply pressure caused by slow development of nuclear power will necessarily transfer to other energy to bring appropriate policy adjustments.
At first, continue to improve service efficiency of traditional energy. Because of high electricity cost of renewable energy sources, energy supply pressure caused by hindered development nuclear power will recently transfer to traditional energy generation field. As the limited traditional energy reserves, in the strict requirements of energy-saving, enhancing the power generation efficiency of traditional energy will be important target of every country.
Secondly, renewable energy sources enjoy high favor. The important reason why Germany could raise to give up nuclear energy is that the country thinks developing renewable energy basically can meet the need, it can afford high cost of developing renewable energy, and at the same time can reduce cost through industrialization and technological progress Besides, smart energy technology will get greater support. Smart energy technology is a new technology rising inn recent years which uses sensing technology, computer and commutation technology to reasonably arrange energy production, transmission, usage and other links so as to greatly reduce energy consumption and enhance energy service efficiency.
At last, accelerate the adoption of energy-saving culture. Studies show that getting the rid of all energy consumption-related habits can save 37.5% energy. Only allowing family members to understand and master the basic knowledge of energy can make one family save 9% energy.
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