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Talimu oilfield builds characteristic safety culture
From production field to all aspects of service for life, safety experience sharing, security risk identification, line responsibility implementation and other safety concept form characteristic safety culture in Talimu oilfield.
The deep and lasting safety culture construction of Talimu oilfield started in September 2006. The field invited DuPont safety consulting experts to make the initial establishment of safety management systems with the main contents of 27 key elements in behavioral safety, system safety and process safety. The system is added 9 first-level factors to give prominence to leadership and all staff participation so as to take safety as “Heaven” project to build all the time, view the people-oriented idea as core concept to cultivate and make the safety-first as the first core value to embody.
After 5 years of development, Talimu oilfield has the characteristics of self-management. In the process of security concept creation, the field combines with 20 years of production experience and lessons to actively introduce concepts like leadership felt, straight line responsibility, localized management, all staff participation, safety is the core value and all events can be avoided, stresses that safety culture construction should change safety concept and cultivate safety habits to improve safety capacity, make core value of safety throughout all aspects of production and life so as to achieve common changes in the concept of staff.
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