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“Four points” to promote non-oil business of the gas station
Gas station contracted management is an important measure for sales system improvements, is also a powerful means for market quality improvements. However, because of reduction of the actual number of employees and changes in business model after the contracted management, that has some impact on non-oil business operation. After the actual research, doing well in the following four points will bring non-oil business a better development.
Deepen the understanding to strengthen the concept of non- oil sales. After the contracted management of gas station, as the staff of the station, he should strengthen the idea of great importance to the development of non - oil business. Only by the unified idea and everyone’s attention can the non-oil business will have healthier and sustainable development.
Reasonable scheduling, overall arrangements for non–oil daily work. The distinctive feature the station after contracted management is the reduction of number of employees.
On the condition that all job content, work standard and business process do not have major changes, give full play to cooperation and collaboration among station manager, shift man and fuel man.
Optimize the types of goods to be conducive to the management and sales. According to “28” sales principle, strengthen the management of lubricants, packaging beverages and household food so as to meet the maximize demand of customer. At the same time, accelerate the optimization of cleaning supplies and personal care products, choose goods with larger customer demand, high trading frequency, high product value and high gross profit rate, eliminate zero sales of goods and improve the goods sales structure.
Improve display, make the fueling site easy to, manage and sell. Because of reduction of staff number, staff has to be fueling site at the fueling peak time, and has no time to do non-oil business sales at the convenient store. Therefore, lubricants and promotional merchandise should be moved forward by display tool to make sales center close to customer so as to be conducive to sales.
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