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One-Month-Old Birthday and One-Year-Old Catch
The One-Month-Old Birthday is a universal custom practiced by all ethnic groups of China. In a family where a baby is born, they will prepare several tables of feast on the baby's One-Month-Old Birthday and invite their friends and relatives to a ceremony to celebrate the occasion. In a traditional one-month-old ceremony, there will be a rejoicing and festive atmosphere in the family and the feast is supposed to be lively and joyful. Normally those joining the feast will bring some gift or a red envelope to show their regard.
On the day when the baby is one month old, grandmother sent clothes, food and the red paper containing money as gifts to the b aby. The baby wears dog hat, tiger shoes, which indicates that the baby will be lucky for the whole life.
One-Year-Old Catch is a tradition with a long history in China. It was recorded even when it was in Song Dynasty.
One-Year-Old Catch is usually held before eating the long-life noodles when it is on the day when a baby is one year old. The family will lay out sutras, brush pens, ink sticks, paper, ink slabs, abacus, copper coins, account books, jewelries, flowers, rouge, foods, toys, etc. For girls, scoops, scissors, rulers, thread, scissor-cut will be added. Then the parents put the baby in front of these articles and make it sit up. Nobody will give any instruction or cue to the baby so that it is left free to choose. Watching the baby catch the articles it likes, the family can then make predictions about its potential interests, future career and development.
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