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“Hong Kong branch of Second West-East Gas Pipeline starts construction
On March 2, pipeline construction of Hong Kong branch of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline commenced offshore Dachan Island near Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The pipe-laying vessel ZHONG YOU HAI 101 laid welded pipelines at the bottom of the sea.
Hong Kong branch of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline consists of two sections from Shenzhen to Hong Kong: Qiuyuling-Dachan Island subsea pipeline and Dachan Island-Longgutan subsea pipeline. Covering a total length of 29.04km and with a transmission station in Dachan Island and a receiving station in Longgutan, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong subsea pipeline has a designed transportation capacity of 6 billion standard cubic meters per year. The pipeline boasts the largest subsea pipe diameter and undergoes the most difficult construction condition in China. When natural gas arrives at Hong Kong from the Second West-East Gas Pipeline, Hong Kong would realize its multiple and timely gas supply, which in turn would drastically reduce its reliance on coal and lower carbon emissions from power plants, thereby improving the air quality in the region.
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter for the occasion. Deputy Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission and Chief of National Energy Administration Liu Tienan read the letter at the launching ceremony and ordered the start of the construction. Vice Governor of Guangdong province Xiao Zhiheng and Shenzhen Vice Mayor Chen Gaihu delivered speeches respectively. CNPC Chairman Jiang jiemin attended the launching ceremony. CNPC President Zhou Jipin presided over the ceremony. CNPC Vice President Liao Yongyuan reported on the project condition.
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