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Fan is a must in summer. It can drive away summer heat and help bring cooling breeze. Since old ages, the Chinese fan has been carrying artistic and unique national style. China has always been regarded as "the kingdom of fans".The fan first appeared in China about 3000 years ago, in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. However, the fan in the early period was not used to help bring cooling breeze, but used as the symbol of etiquette. And it was called "the fan of honor". After the Qin and Han dynasties, the main shapes of fan are square, round and hexagon. The material that used to make fan are mainly silk. Because the silk fans were often used in royal court, people called them "court fan". During the Tang and Su dynasties, the prevailing fans are the round fan, feather fan, and some paper fans. The folding fan gradually became popular after Song Dynasty.
In Ming and Qin g dynasties, the homes of folding fans are Zhejiang, Suzhou and Sichuan, etc. Then writing poems and the vogue of drawing pictures on the cover of a fan is rising. Then this exquisite skill has been introduced to Europe, and became popular all over the world.
There are many kinds of Chinese fan, such as paper fan, silk fan, palm fan, feather fan, bamboo-knitted fan, etc. regarding the shapes of the fan, there are rectangular, round pentagonal, hexagonal and sunflower-shaped fans. However, the most famous fans are the sandalwood fan, the fire painting fan (huo hu shn, the bamboo-knitted fan and the silk fan .
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