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China Petroleum Group fully carries out spring voluntary
tree planting activity
Spring in March, with warmer temperatures, in accordance with the requirements of the green office of the corporation, all units of the group fully carry out spring voluntary tree planting activity to green and beautify the mining area and promote the land greening.
All units call greening work conference to arrange greening work throughout the year and propose concept of loving green and preserving green among employees. Liaohe Oil Field annual voluntary tree-planting not less than 160000, new 8,800 square meters of green area, transformation of green area of 195,800 square meters. Fushun Petrochemical Company scheduled April 16 to 20 as tree planting week. The company plans to plant 20000 trees throughout the year. Jilin Oil Field determines the target to grow 1150000 seedlings and comprehensively promote the construction of garden-style residential. Tuha oilfield determines that the total green area will be increased by one percentage point. Key leadership and staff of Southwest Oil and Gas Field, Baoji Petroleum Machinery Ltd and other units join in voluntary tree-planting activities. Changqing Oilfield , Tarim Oilfield , Huabei Oilfield , Bohai equipment , Guizhou sales , Kunlun gas Utilization Co., Ltd, Oil - pipe - Institute of Engineering Technology and other units also carry out tree planting activity in different forms.
To ensure greening effect, Tarim Oilfield does well in compost, green pipe network to test the water, and personnel training work in advance. Qinghai oilfield proceeds with the pest control work in advance so as to ensure trees survival rate.
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