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Tarim Oilfield Sanchi operating area green construction
for environment
Sanchi operating area is located in the Tarim River Basin National Populus protected areas. Since the beginning of the year, Sanchi operating area continues to carry out “my post my home” green activities, promotes all staff to offer advice and make more contributions to building a green oilfield.
Ji Lake, Sangnan and other station teams under the operating area strictly control operating range and driving directions and consciously protect populus euphratica forest to restore vegetation and control water and soil loss with maximum limit. Mean while, during operation, station staff also pays attention to the protection of the swan, gazelle, apocynum, licorice and other wildlife.
The staff of the area carries towels and bags when inspection to repeatedly clean installing equipment, takes intensive care for environment and also timely collects and stack domestic garbage for classification according to regulations.
In pollutant control, the operating area requires construction project design, program to make way for diversifolious poplar.
Sanchi operation area projects under construction implement emission reduction measures, all the production processes take feasible control measures to reduce pollutant, recycle and reuse waste for resource to make sure that the operating noise is not excessive and there is no environmental pollution incident.
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