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Healthy and orderly growth of the China Petroleum and non - oil business
In 2012, the China Petroleum and non- oil business steps into the fifth year. In recent years, China Petroleum adheres to the "operating independently, local conditions, specification development, and steady progress” general principle and use market as orientation, customer as center, regulation and development as main line, fine-grained management as method to gradually built non-oil business marketing system featuring on the brand standard implementation of norms, unified regulation of business, relative concentration of logistics organization, professional operation of the organizational structure, operation and management of information technology support. That strongly promotes non- oil business in order, effective, and standard development. And China Petroleum non-oil business is in healthy and orderly growth.
”China Petroleum Newspaper” selected fresh cases of gas station under sales enterprises on “u Smile Kunlun Hospitality” convenience store operation. Hope to bring you some inspiration and reflection.
“uSmile Kunlun Hospitality” convenience store brand identity is red and yellow adopting China Petroleum and identity basic color.
“uSmile Kunlun Hospitality” overall is a smile pictogram. ‘u’ is the abbreviation of the English "You ". ‘uSmile’ means we make you smile or make us smile. The overall implication is an extension of the culture of China National Petroleum, which is a symbol of non - oil business in the harmonious development under the China Petroleum strong atmospheric brand.
2011, non - oil sales revenue of 6.41 billion yuan. The first quarter of this year, the non - oil sales revenue of 1.775 billion yuan.
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