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Yellow Crane Tower
Situated on the Snake Hill in Wuchang City, Yellow Crane Tower is one of the three great towers of China.
Initially built in the Three Kingdoms Period, Yellow Crane Tower was ruined and rebuilt for many times over 1700 odd years and was finally burned down in the late Qing Dynasty. The ancient Yellow Crane Tower enjoyed the fame of "Unsurpassed Scenery in the World". It had three stories, with the ground floor being 15m in width and 30m in height and the copper top being over 2m high. During 1981 and 1985, Yellow Crane Tower was rebuilt. The present Tower retains some features of the ancient one and adds some new elements according to the modern people's aesthetic requirement, which is a perfect combination of classical and modern characteristics. It is a symbol of Wuhan, a central city of the central China.
The existing main building was built in line with the ancient tower in the Emperor Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, yet being higher and more magnificent in comparison with the ancient one. Modern technology is applied in the construction such as the wood-like concrete and mill-framed structure. With 30m-wide ground floor and a total of five stories, the newly built Yellow Crane Tower has a total height of 51.4m (plus five meters of the gourd-shaped top), which is approximately 20m higher than the ancient one.
The entire building of Yellow Crane Tower is endowed with peculiar national style. Its plane is designed as "tetragon containing octagon" which means "from all sides". When seen vertically, eaves on every floor have direct bearing on the name of the tower, that is, the interveined and overlapped roofs of all sizes with flying eaves look like the wings of about-to-fly cranes. Both internal and external parts of the tower are painted with patterns cored with red-crown cranes and foiled with clouds, flowers, grass, dragons and phoenixes. However, the internal part of each floor is of diversified styles. The whole building is characterized by grandness, refinement as well as variegated enchantment and artistry.
Yellow Crane Tower is situated on top of the Snake Hill and overlooks the thousand-mile Yangtze River. Featured by stiff uprightness, uniqueness and magnificence, it has become a world-famous scenic spot. Quite a lot of literators in the past dynasties visited the tower and wrote down numerous immortal masterpieces on it.
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