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CNPC successfully develops polypropylene catalyst PSP-01
On May 31, the polypropylene catalyst PSP-01 independently developed by CNPC Petrochemical Research Institute passed appraisal, giving birth to CNPC’s first polypropylene catalyst technology with fully independent intellectual property right.
The committee of experts affirmed that PSP-01 features high activity, satisfactory hydrogen response and copolymerization, and low polymer fines content. With PSP-01, we can produce high value added polypropylene products that is favored by the customers. This will play a proactive roll in filling the gap in the domestic market.
Up to now, the catalyst has been put to industrial application test for 3 times at the 90Kt/a polypropylene unit of Fushun Petrochemical Company. Running stably for 1,967 hours, the unit has produced 19,400 tons of products in 3 series with 7 grades, covering special materials for the production of fiber, BOPP thin film, inflated film and injection molding anti-impact series. The general performance indexes of the products have all reached or exceeded the highest level in China.
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