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Southern Line of the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline starts construction
On July 28, construction of the Southern Line of the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline, another energy cooperation project between China and Kazakhstan, was started in Qyzylorda, Kazakhstan.
EPC contracted by CNPC affiliated China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPC), the project includes pipelining of 571.6km with a diameter of 1,067mm. Along the coast of the Aral Sea, the pipeline traverses gobi desert, sand dunes and saline and alkaline lands, which make the construction condition rather difficult in addition to poor social dependence and the harsh winter weather. CPC has completed preparation works within one year’s time, including campsite construction, CRC crew and equipment relocation, and testing of full automatic welding equipment etc.
The Pipeline is listed in Kazakhstan’s ten priority projects. Once being operational, it will deliver natural gas to dozens of cities and hundreds of villages to help optimize the country’s energy structure, and improve the living standard for people in South Kazakhstan.
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